Secure payment

- Security of transactions

Payment by credit card is provided by Klik & Pay, known for its reliability in Internet transactions.
The transaction between you and Klik & Pay is encrypted (SSL).
You can verify that you are not visiting a counterfeit.
All you have to do is to verify that the above information corresponds to the security certificate that you can display on your browser.
The banking information you give, encrypted on your own computer, will never circulate in the clear on the Internet.
No bank card number is stored at the merchant or temporarily checking and entering the code.

- Security Certificate

In order to guarantee the security of our site and the confidentiality of the information circulating there, we have put in place a security certificate allowing you to verify that the connection with the site on which you are is perfectly reliable.
This certificate appears in a small window on the site.
By clicking on the logo, you have access to a set of information allowing you to identify us.
You can also click on the padlock appearing at the bottom of your browser, it will allow you to know exactly the characteristics of this certificate.